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Hello AV is the leading audio-visual event organiser specializing in creating high-end audio-visual event services over many years and working closely with show organizers and stallholders to deliver exceptionally memorable shows.Our skilled technicians are excited to help you plan your event. working at festivals and events to ensure excellent audio-visual quality for all attendees! It is crucial to have an exciting and memorable event while launching a new product. Award shows are renowned for heightening fun with creative ceremonies that celebrate great people and businesses in an enjoyable atmosphere. You can’t have a successful charity event or gala without the right audio and visual setup. With some of the most advanced AV equipment in this country, we are proud to offer high-level solutions for events like these that ensure they’re exciting as well as beautiful! With top-quality audio and visual elements, Sports events can become more memorable when they are made memorable. High production values result in great memories for any game regardless of how it ends up.


Our experience has given us the know-how necessary to create complete sets or stage components to ensure visitors are always entertained while they visit exhibitions at your company’s event space! Hello AV can create complete sets and stage components for exhibition halls, seminars, or product launches. We can create an engaging and interactive stage area for your group using our impressive set services inventory that lets you be the master of your domain!


Our LED video walls are a great way to use space and promote your brand at once. These light, nimble screens can cover large surfaces, so you don’t need any more room than what’s required for the promotion itself – making it super convenient! Plus, these modern wonders come with built-in speakers that allow them to do all sorts of tricks like playing projections or showing off promotional videos seamlessly integrated right into its design without disrupting anything else around them (like concerts). Imagine you are at an exhibition, eager to hear from thought leaders and business owners. With big crowds poised, listening to what such speakers say can easily reach the audience with quality sound equipment is essential for all who attend!


We offer all these services through our audio-visual company that provides cutting-edge technology in order presentations are heard crystal clear across any area of large venues or small conference rooms. We’re always excited to help our clients with their event production needs. Whether you need us for a conference coming up soon or if the last event was not what it promised, give us a call today, and let’s discuss how we can make things better!

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The home of world-leading technical audio and visual solutions, LED screen rental and Video walls hire. With more than 20 years of involvement in the industry, the HelloAV team is well equipped to support you with your event requirements, having provided cutting-edge solutions at some of the biggest most glamourous gatherings in the UK and overseas. From event production and lighting to stage design and LED video wall hire, our high-tech services have been designed with modern audiences in mind. If you are looking for a reputable partner to ensure your event runs smoothly, get in touch.

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“Over the years the guys at Hello AV have never failed to deliver, what impress me the most is their eye to detail & how they go the extra mile to make the event is a success.”
Gurvinder Sandher
Artistic Director
“The Hello AV team are a pleasure to work with & very professional. They work closely with my team to understand their needs, both advising our team and delivering a seamless event. Having worked with Hello AV on numerous occasions I can surely say without any hesitation to call on them as our AV partner.”
Mark Lawrence
Marketing Manager

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Frequently Asked Question

An LED Screen is like a giant television or computer monitor. The screen itself is made from lots of little LEDs (light emitting diodes) placed close together. Each LED emits three colours – Red, Green and Blue – which together light up as needed to create a range of colours. From a distance you don’t notice the individual LEDs but just see a picture created by all the LEDs working and changing colour in sequence.

The pixel pitch is the distance between the centre of an LED (or group of LEDs that make up a pixel) and the next adjacent LED. The smaller this distance, the closer all the LEDs on the screen are together and the better the resolution – meaning a more detailed picture. So a lower pixel pitch number means a better resolution than a higher pixel pitch number.

An LED TV (or LED backlit LCD) is a standard LCD monitor (like a flat screen LCD television or computer monitor) with LEDs positioned behind the LCD instead of a standard light source. It’s a little misleading so watch out!

LED screens are a completely different technology to LCD screens, designed for a different purpose. LCD screens are designed primarily for indoor close viewing on a small scale. LED screens are designed for large scale, high impact projects that can be used outdoors in bright sunlight.

There are a few factors that determine what screen and size of screen will be right for your event. These include how close your audience are to the screen, the audience size, if your event is indoors or outdoors. The easiest option is to give us a call on 01753 916506 to discuss all options.

LED Screens are modular. They are actually made up of lots of individual panels or modules. The panels can be connected in any shape or size to create a screen that you want.

We can help you show anything you want on your screen. Plug in a laptop and show presentations, videos, and slideshows. We can take live video feeds and signals from your computers, vision mixers, or any output source including CV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI and more.

Our experienced technicians are always there to operate the systems and equipment, whenever, and wherever, you need them, however you may choose to do this yourself.
If this is the case, we will ensure that you have full, comprehensive training on how to do this, and are completely comfortable with managing the display yourself.
You can operate them via your computer connected by cable to the display, or run them across local or wide area networks using Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wireless, Modem or SMS. We can help you choose the operating methods that suit you best.
We have a variety of software packages that will operate the display, but we can write bespoke software specifically to your requirements.

We have displays to suit every budget, from huge lavish bespoke designs, to small, cost conscious displays.
You’ll always receive a dedicated, personalised service from our team of experts, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. So, please call for a no obligation chat.