Geronimo is a family-friendly festival designed for children under 13 and their parents. The focus of the festival is high-quality family time and creative playing. The purpose of the event is to stimulate families to be active, learn and make memories.

The Geronimo Festival 2022 is often described as ‘Glastonbury’ for kids. The festival site is ten times the size of a kids’ field during a normal family festival and also offers the largest selection of experiences for children in one place.

Zones in Geronimo Festival

The beautiful site will be divided into ten zones, namely 3ft and Under, Adrenaline, Circus, Pasture, Library, Arena, Curio City”, Funky Junk, Geronostage and Theatre will provide an array of activities for all ages regardless of age.

There are a variety of zones offering something for everyone in the family to participate in regardless of age! Take in a live circus performance! Create your den, experience the thrill of a BMX bike display, and swing through the trees if you are brave! Experience the excitement of the circus, or get on the dance floor during the ballet and Zumba classes.

Events at Geronimo Festival

Animal lovers can be junior zookeepers, take donkey rides, and pet snakes. They can also spend time with their collection of Aldabra gigantic tortoises.

Anyone with a love for theatre and stage can get involved in music, theatre and craft classes and enjoy illusionist and magician performances in a theatre that seats 1,500 people.

Those who have a passion for exciting things can take a trip to two of 2 spectacles exhibited during the event.

Music lovers can take advantage of silent discos or baby raves. They can also take advantage of Harp classes on cardboard.

There’s also a huge showground that includes activities like motorcycle stunts, jousting tournaments and fire shows, scheduled every day.

Classic Bell Tent at Geronimo Festival

At Geronimo Festival, everyone who books a Luxury Bell will receive airbeds for their children at no cost when you are in the check-out process. 

The large, stylishly decorated sandstone bell tents with all the amenities will make the most of your time during the festival. 

Traditional Bell Tents are fitted with comfy airbeds, lights and handmade rugs. They are available for booking with a maximum capacity of six guests. Additional bedding options such as pillows can be reserved as an extra.


Geronimo is home to a range of street performers that entertain people waiting for shows after their shows. A contribution is made voluntarily by those who have enjoyed the performance.