If you are in charge of arranging the technical aspects of an upcoming conference, you may feel an overarching pressure to deliver something great. You need audio and visual elements in your conferences if you want to ensure that they are engaging, informative, and memorable.

Here at HelloAV, we can make your event stand out by providing you with customized A/V packages that ensure your sound and visuals are perfect.

Allowing you to communicate effectively with your audience, can you really afford not to invest in professional AV?

Below, we look at a few popular AV services every important conference must include.

Live video streaming

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, large gatherings with huge attendee numbers have understandably been scaled back. This has made organizing essential conferences problematic.

Nonetheless, with advancements in live streaming technology, conference hosts can invite thousands of people to their event via a live streaming link, allowing them to enjoy the event and all its content from the comfort of their smartphone or laptop.

This is something our team can orchestrate, ensuring your event can be enjoyed remotely by as many people as you wish.

Video recording

Wish to record your conference to send to employees/clients? Or do you want a record of the event to use as marketing collateral? Either way, we can provide a full recording solution, capturing your conference in all its glory.

Screen projectors

Studies show that 93% of communication is non-verbal. This is why having visual cues and imagery integrated into your conference is paramount. The key signifier for most conferences is the screen, being the area in which speakers stand and present their slides. Here at HelloAV, we ensure our customers can project high-quality images to show the conference attendees, providing screen projectors and audio visuals are available to hire for a commendable price.

Conference phones

Are you looking to host a conference that involves different teams from different offices and departments? We offer conference phones and audio services if that describes your situation. These phones make communication free and seamless.

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