It has nearly two decades of experience in event production. Providing our clients with the best possible event has been our one and only intention. We use the latest LED Video wall technology with top-notch audio-visual solutions to enhance any event’s performance. Our ultimate goal is to entertain both our clients and their guests with an unforgettable event ceremony. If you are looking for LED Screen Hire in London or a perfect Stage design service provider anywhere in the UK, continue reading!

We are a reputed company, focusing primarily on uniqueness, creativity, first-class customer service, and reliability. 

We provide our clients with various services such as:

  • Event Production
  • Technical AV Solutions
  • LED Video Wall Hire 
  • Visual Equipment Hire
  • Stage Lighting Design 
  • Set and Stage Design
  • Audio Equipment Hire 

We will explain, in this blog, the step-by-step process of getting a LED Video Wall Hire from Hello AV in this blog. 

The Venue details

Is your event location indoors or outdoors? With these details, we will determine the type of LED that will be suitable for your event. It will also provide us an insight into the number of technicians needed to take charge of the backend management, like cameras, mixers, and broadcasting.

The Documents

Our team of professionals will provide you with a document listing all the services and equipment used during your event, once everything is confirmed. If you wish to add on any extra equipment, you can discuss it with the team, and we will try to oblige as per your budget. We will provide the proper documents and certificates of any products that are rented out by our client.

Type of Events

A lot of information can be obtained by looking at the type of event that is to be hosted. High-end quality audio equipment will be required, along with stage lighting techniques for exhibitions and shows. The main priority in any occasion will without a doubt be the audio system that covers an entire auditorium. If you are having a product launch, a more energetic environment with lights and music will promote your brand and give you a good impression. In award shows or charity events, set and stage designs, music, and lighting should be cast more gently to give off the perfect mood. While, in sports events and concerts, many speakers and outdoor LED Video Walls with the correct pixel pitch and resolution should be selected to give off the right vibe to every fan.

Selecting the Specifications

Figuring out the correct specifications can be quite a stressful job. We at Hello AV have a variety of LED video wall screens with different specifications, which vary as per the type of event. After the discussion about your event and its requirements get our event services, we will be able to provide the correct audio & video equipment hire with the perfect resolution and pixel pitch. This will be determined by the type of LED screen which will be used. 

Technicians & Customer Support

Once your event is confirmed with Hello AV, our team head will take responsibility for all the logistics from start to finish. We provide exceptional customer care service to ensure that you are not faced with any hurdles during your event. Our management will be available 24/7 to discuss any aspect of your event. Our primary focus is to ensure you feel confident and secure that everything is going according to plan.

Your Feedback

When your event is over, we’ll request your feedback. This feedback will provide us both a chance to discuss the likes and dislikes of our services and can also help us improve ourselves for any future event you have planned. Finding the perfect Video Wall Hire in London can be very stressful. We will assist you with all your needs and requirements so that you can lay back and relax during your event!

How to Book an Appointment?

There are many ways to connect with Technical AV solutions in HelloAv

You can either send an email

Or contact us on 01753 916506

An online booking option is also available at click here 

Our team of professionals will respond back within 24 hours to address your query. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of event you are planning! We at Hello AV guarantee that our services will take your event’s performance to the next level. As the saying goes, “First impressions are the best.” By choosing Hello AV you will be able to impress your guests easily and get the peace of mind.