LED Wall Hire: What Is It?

The term “LED wall” refers to a display wall made up of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can be used to show pictures, films, or other kinds of content. Events, advertising, and video production are just a few situations in which LED walls can be employed. They are renowned for their extended lifespans, excellent brightness, […]


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If you choose a reliable provider for your rental LED displays. It would be best if you start by selecting the right company. enjoy working with our technical team. A perimeter LED screen display is a beautiful way to display your company’s brands and logos. It’s the best for live broadcasting and television commercials. Let […]

The Best Approach to Led Screen Hire London UK

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As the world of technology improves and evolves, the distribution formats for visual information are constantly changing. LED video wall hire is most famous for event productions and stage performances. Businesses are increasingly conscious of limitations to traditional display methods like billboards, static signage, and banners.  Why is LED Video Wall popular? LED Video Wall […]

Event Planning An Incredibly Easy Method that Works for All

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Event planning can be tricky, especially if you are arranging an event that encompasses a large venue and vast numbers of guests. Here at HelloAV, we specialise in LED wall hire, having helped clients up and down the country wow with the visual aspects of their events. As a full-circle provider, we can supply and […]

How To Choose the Right LED Video Wall in UK

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You would see large screens in many events and stadiums called LED displays. So, what exactly is an LED Display Screen? In simple words, LED or Light Emitting Diodes is a device that emits light when an electric current is sent through it. Many electronic devices like lamps, brake lights, cameras, TV screens, and monitor […]

In which places are Indoor LED Screen Hire commonly used

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Increasing the sales of your business can be a difficult job. Hello AV hire London LED Screen  key goal is to help young business professionals to grow in their field. We provide video wall hire services all over the UK. We are also one of the top audio-visual equipment suppliers in the UK. The Video […]

The Importance of LED Screen hire in the UK

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A LED Video Wall is popularly used in the UK for marketing, events ceremonies, or differentiating your company from others. Videos usually incorporate a mixture of audio and visuals. When renting an LED wall, you can present life-like HD videos and images, including 3D and 4D graphics and much more! A wall-mounted display can clearly […]

Direct View HD LED Video Wall Hire for Events in the UK

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In the case of indoor video walls and large screens, LCD flat-screen was the most popular technology. However, this pattern was shaken up when the Direct View HD LED video wall was launched. Direct View LEDs have been slated to replace large-sized LCD screens and video walls. This blog discusses all about Direct view HD […]

Best LED video wall and AV Service Provider in the UK – HelloAV 

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In the case of corporate events or private events, audio-visual (AV service) companies play an essential role in ensuring that every aspect of the production process goes off without any issue. However, despite the crucial function, many organisers are still unsure what an AV business is and what they do. With this in mind, we […]

Hire a Big LED Screen TV for Social Gatherings Events at Your Garden

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Enjoying outdoor spaces and gardens has been more critical than ever in the past few months. Do you want to transform your garden into the best place to entertain? If you’d like to be in with your loved family and friends in the comfort of your home, why not consider enhancing your outdoor enjoyment experience […]