Charity and Gala Events

Using audio, visual and interactive technologies at events is essential if you have an important message you want to convey.

This is why those planning a charity event or gala will be eager to get their audio and visual setup pinned down early on in the event planning process.

Setting the right tone

With fundraising events and galas being hugely important, ensuring guests are happy, comfortable, and willing to dig deep is the objective. Through expert audio and visual equipment, this can be achieved with ease, with lighting, stage design, backdrops, and draping able to set any tone you wish.


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Visual content

While charity events are designed to be fun, with great food, drink and entertainment aplenty, fundraising objectives and calls to action need to be featured across the venue, reinforcing the need to fundraise and the reason the event has been put on in the first place. Through technical equipment such as LED video walls, this can be accomplished, displaying videos, images and logos across the venue for all to see.

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