Concerts and Festivals

Whether you want your concert or any UK festival to be chilled, vibrant, fun, or loud, you will need to invest in top-quality audio and visual hire services to ensure the right message is communicated. This is something festival and event organisers have entrusted us with for many years, making use of our leading technical AV equipment and undeniable passion for live events.

With some of the most advanced AV equipment in the country, we have been proudly working at festivals and concerts for many years, delivering high-level audio and visual solutions to ensure such events are both visually exciting and sound can be heard beautifully.


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Indoor and outdoor LED screens

LED video screen hire can add real value to concerts and festivals. From providing a live stream of the stage area for a larger audience to see from further away to projecting promotional video content, having high-quality visuals gives any event that professional feel all attendees want to see.

Stage and set design

At festivals and concerts, everyone’s attention is on the stage. This is why getting the stage and set design right is so very important. Here at HelloAV, this is a specialty of ours, having created stunning, functional, stage designs for music events or many years. Taking sole responsibility for this part of the event, we can design, build and manage the set wholly.

Our stage and set design services also include the breaking down of the equipment, with our team working quickly and neatly to ensure the process is hassle-free.

Lighting for festivals and concerts

Lighting plays a prominent role in any production, with lights having the ability to accentuate the theme of a performance, get audiences excited and fill a venue with ambient colours.

If you are in the process of planning your event’s technical elements, below are a few lighting solutions you may want to consider; all of which can make your event unforgettable:

What’s more, our team can handle everything when it comes to your event’s technical needs. From rigging to event management, we have got you covered. To learn more about our AV solutions, get in touch. 01-753916506