In the case of indoor video walls and large screens, LCD flat-screen was the most popular technology. However, this pattern was shaken up when the Direct View HD LED video wall was launched. Direct View LEDs have been slated to replace large-sized LCD screens and video walls.

This blog discusses all about Direct view HD LED video walls.

What are Direct-view LED Screens?

Direct-view LED screens are micro LEDs and have dot pixel pitch that may be even less than 1 millimetre. These screens give you nearly perfect blacks even when the LEDs are turned off, unlike LCD, which has poor blacks. We now have high-quality HD LED screens with more resolution, better contrast, and greatly longer viewing distances.

These micro-LEDs allow you to achieve near-perfect black levels without the danger of burning in. There is no other display technology that offers greater intensity than micro-LED. Additionally, its colour is flawless and doesn’t suffer the issues that arise from the angle of view and the uniformity that LCD cannot provide.

Advantages of Direct View HD LED Video wall

Since direct view LEDs offer seamless images that can be viewed in different dimensions, these LEDs are now extremely popular. This high-definition LED offers the following advantages:

  • There are a variety of pixel pitches offered.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • It’s seamless, meaning there are no bezel lines that annoy you.
  • It can be designed in customised shapes and sizes.

Why should you get an HD LED video wall?

Micro LEDs are soon the new standard in the market since they can offer better quality video streaming. Direct-view LEDs are the leading player in outdoor use and have no competition in terms of scaling and brightness. 

With the advent of micro-LEDs, the game is set to change. The direct-view LED video wall provides you with the most advanced features and a high-performance level that can improve the experience. You can utilise them in your home cinemas or as a solution for corporate events.

Final Thoughts!

Direct-view LED is one of the forms of technology for video walls that has been growing in popularity due to its amazing capabilities. We at HelloAV are experts in the field of high-definition LED displays. We continue to supply high-quality video walls for indoor needs and solutions for outdoor locations. For more information, contact us!