We are in the most technically advanced world, so there’s no reason to be asking whether you should opt for an advanced option for advertising with LED screens or not.

But wait! What happens if your business requirements or budget don’t work perfectly with a big LED screen? There’s a good chance you could choose a smaller display like an LCD screen or a projected – However, it might not perform as effectively as you’d like. 

In this case, the best alternative is to opt for LED screen rental. LED Screen hire is provided by various famous event service providers in the UK. It’s also efficient, provides the best quality at an affordable price and is ideal for every business.

Different Types of LED Screens to hire

There are just two primary kinds in terms of LED screen hire. This covers the rental indoor LED Screen and the outdoor LED Screen. Both have the same design- however, some distinctions make their functions and specifications differ. To better understand the differences, we’ll go over both of them below.

Indoor LED Screen

Indoor screens are primarily used for indoor spaces for fashion shows, trade shows, awards ceremonies or conferences, and weddings. The thing that makes this type of rental screen distinct from the outdoor screen is that it is equipped with the highest quality equipment and the best components. This will provide top quality images and performance in indoor events. But, unlike outdoor displays, screens for indoor displays don’t have any waterproof or high-brightness features to function effectively.

Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED screens promote outdoor events, including concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions and festivals. Furthermore, these screens have features like high brightness and waterproof settings. This is primarily to provide the most reliable and efficient outdoor experience. In addition, since the viewing area is far away, Outdoor LED provides the highest performance quality with crystal clear resolution.

Installing a LED Screen

Before you decide on LED video Wall Installation, we’ll look at the most common installation techniques.

Wall-mounted LED screens 

It is a well-known installations method for both outdoor and indoor LED screens and it’s easy to maintain. For small LED screen regular maintenance can be completed by removing the entire assembly.

Standing columns LED screen. 

This type of installation is commonly is used for outdoor displays. For smaller screens, a support of a single stand is sufficient. However, double stand support is essential for larger or medium-sized screens. They are easy to maintain.

Hanging LED screens 

Typically, Smaller LED screens are installed in this method. Large screens that weigh cannot permit this method of installation. Disassembling and assembling is easy, but screen security is not guaranteed in this system.

Standing floor LED screens.

This is particularly useful for smaller indoor LED screens to display the changing contents to viewers. This type of installation can be seen in malls, supermarkets etc.

Mobile LED Screen 

This technique has become popular in the last few years. It involves placing the entire display on a vehicle like a van or truck. for advertising events like weddings, concerts, or parties.


LED technology has achieved unimaginable efficiency thanks to advancements in technology. Digital billboards are extremely resistant to damage, making them a great option for advertisers looking for something that lasts!

LED display ads are an effective device for any business when utilised correctly. They can be a fantastic way to advertise your business and highlight the products you offer. Be sure to select the right type of LED screen for your next event. Good Luck! contact us