Event Services


HelloAV has provided high-end audiovisual event services at exhibitions for many years, working with exhibition organisers and stallholders to deliver memorable shows. There is no limit to the services we can provide for business exhibitions, networking events, trade shows, and consumer exhibits.



Whether you are in charge of arranging an annual general meeting, press conference, workshop, or even a seminar, the event will be centred on communicating important messages and opening up discussion around the venue. For this reason, having the right sound and visual elements should be a priority. Technology plays a critical part in putting on successful conferences, and leaving your AV requirements until the last minute should be avoided at all costs.

Product Launches

As the saying goes, you only have one shot at making a first impression. When launching a new product, the product launch is crucial. Being the first time people see your product in the flesh and learn about the brand, you will understandably be eager to invest in the right audio and visual elements to ensure the venue is packed to the brim with lights and sounds that people can enjoy.


Awards Shows

Award shows are renowned for heightening fun and sophisticated events about celebrating great people and businesses in an enjoyable atmosphere. We at HelloAV thoroughly enjoy working at award shows, helping hosts and venues to put on legendary events that go down in history. Award shows being dramatic by their very nature, high-quality lighting and audio elements are required

Charity and Gala Events

Using audio, visual and interactive technologies at events is essential if you have an important message you want to convey. Planning a charity event or gala will be eager to get their audio and visual setup pinned down early on in the event planning process


Concerts and Festivals

Whether you want your concert/festival to be chilled, vibrant, fun, or loud, you will need to invest in top-quality audio and visual hire services to ensure the right message is communicated. Festival and event organisers have entrusted us with this for many years, using our leading technical equipment and undeniable passion for live events. Suchevents are exciting and beautiful

Sporting Events

Sporting events offer adrenaline-pinching experiences, with attending big football matches, rugby games, and tennis contests being the highlight of the year for most of us. Generally down to the exhilarating atmosphere at stadiums and other sporting venues. top-quality audio and visual elements only enhance the sporting action, with high production values resulting in memorable sporting events, no matter the score


Tap into our decades of experience

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