Exhibitions have for years played a key role in most businesses marketing strategies. However, as the Coronavirus pandemic reared its head and the events industry had no choice but to adapt, the nature of UK exhibitions changed dramatically. But, with restrictions starting to lift and businesses eager to get back at shows and exhibitions, the industry is picking up the pace! This means many businesses are starting to plan out their exhibition stands for 2022.

Here at HelloAV, we have been working with both exhibition organisers and stallholders for decades, offering a variety of audio/visual services for events taking place not only across the region but the UK and Europe.

Below, we map some of the trends we expect to take the forefront at the exhibitions of 2022.

Stage video content

Video content has never been more prominent at exhibitions, being a trend that will continue way into 2022. Video content on stages has become highly in demand. With travel restrictions limiting some speakers from attending, many speakers have and will continue to deliver seminars and speeches via video link.

LED displays for safety messages

Organisers and stallholders are understandably passionate about safety, with most having an obligation to communicate information about health and safety, particularly COVID 19. Many are choosing to display these messes through LED displays, with LED wall hire playing key roles in the exhibitions of 2022.

Wireless systems

With exhibitors and organisers just getting in the swing of things, there will inevitably be a huge focus placed on convenience. This will certainly be true when it comes to stands, stages and whole venue setups. Here at HelloAV, we expect wireless audio visual solutions to be heavily utilised. From wireless audio speakers to battery-operated wireless lighting, wires at events are slowly becoming a thing of the past!

AV services for exhibitions

Here at HelloAV, we offer a whole gamut of AV services for exhibitions. Review our service pages for more details on each:

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