The choice of an LED screen for events isn’t a trivial concern. Beyond the initial cost, it is important to consider the main purpose of the LED Video Wall hire. You need to be prepared to use advanced marketing strategies if you want to be ahead in your business and get more market cap.

We at Hello AV have briefly explained how LED Screen hire is suitable for any type of event.

Factors to consider while renting an LED Video Wall

Since every event is different, the type of LED screen also varies. The following factors must be taken into consideration to select the right type of LED Screen for your events.


The LED display can be either Outdoor or Indoor, depending on the function. Outdoor LED displays are expensive and can endure any weather condition. However, indoor LED displays will cost less as compared to outdoor displays.

Viewing Distance

The primary aspect of LED displays is their viewing distance. If, for instance, your sign is going to be seen from a distance by those in a vehicle driving at high speed, you require a large character size to ensure it is visible. 

Pixel Pitch and Resolution

Pixel pitch on an LED screen is the primary aspect of the place you’d like to mount the LED and the display’s resolution. The smaller the pixel pitch, the greater resolution. Resolution is the sole factor that determines the quality of colour on display.

Selecting the type of software

Both software and hardware are needed for advertisers when putting the LED screen to promote advertising. Repair and maintenance on the LED screen are equally important as much as the quality of your LED display

Benefits of rental led display in the UK for your company’s event

Whether you’re planning a lavish event, such as an all-night party or a family wedding, hiring a LED screen can enhance the professionalism of your event, resulting in an experience that your guests will not forget.

  • The LED screen catches customers’ attention and can improve sales.
  • LED Screens are quick to install and easy to use.
  • LED-Wall can present details about your brand’s image to the public.

Top 10 event services in UK

An LED Video wall can be the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor events.

If you’re trying to impress your guests, create an engaging feature that will capture and keep your guests’ attention. Provide information via an animated message, accompany actions on stage, or even share photographs and videos – Flexible and curvy screen LEDs can be adjusted to accommodate any size space. 

Live Streaming

You cannot be assured that every one of your attendees will be able to see all that’s going on at an event. Large LED screens for events make the video accessible to all guests. You can also display videos from previous events or another venue. 

Festival and Exhibition

Because LED screens can be effective both in and out and outside, you can be sure that the people in your crowd will be able to see all the action happening on stage. Read more about Festival 

Awards Ceremonies

Every award show celebrates the best people and companies in a relaxed environment. Screens can be used to play videos that provide background information on the winners, inspiring awardees’ stories through texts and images.  

Sporting Events

LED Screens are often used outdoors to offer different views of the action! LED screens increase the visibility of your event and provide access to information, and enhance the overall look for your sports events.

Stage and Set design

Sometimes you like things to look great. Don’t undervalue the results you can get with the right eyes and a skilled team. Lighting designers are aware of the significance of hiring LED screen for stage show events and can also enhance artwork or exhibits. 

LED screen hire – Hello AV

It’s essential to work with an experienced and qualified team in hiring and using stage and lighting equipment. Professionals at Hello AV have complete insurance and have been trained in safety and health, saving your time and stress organising this independently. Our specialist team of lighting design experts is available to assist you with hiring LED screens and are available at a reasonable price.