Everyone has a doubt on which audio-video equipment to use. How are events planned and implemented? Hello AV offers a wide range of event equipment hires in the UK, considered the most important element in any event. 

It can help you establish a professional tone for your event and deliver your brand message clearly to your guests. The most popular AV equipment includes LED video wall rental in London. The most well-known equipment used for every occasion is the UK’s stage lighting design and The LED Video Wall. 

This blog discusses the various event services offered at Hello AV in the UK.

LED Video Wall hire for all types of events.

LED Screens are now popular equipment that many companies prefer. Hello AV improves the quality of your event by providing the best type of LED walls. Some common places where the LED screen is used are listed below:

LED Screen for Shops and Showrooms 

LED screens are a popular method for retail stores to interact with customers and show off their new seasonal products. Window displays are the primary factor in deciding whether customers will visit your store, and it is important to make your image as clear as possible. 

LED Screen used in TV stations and Media

Lights, camera, action! LED screens are the main component of a film TV and broadcast stage setup. The stage’s appearance for a show is essential, and you have to grab the attention of your viewers and maintain it. The screens can also increase brand recognition with images of your logo loaded to remain visible throughout your show.

LED Screen at Product Launches

The key to a successful event is creativity. Regardless of how ridiculous the concept may seem, the launch of a new product is possible thanks to the LED technology at our disposal. The LED screen can be placed with any backdrop or image you wish, such as in the case of an innovative smartphone, you might like to have an of the size of a person made. 

LED Screen for Charity and GALA events

The ability to communicate your message is the primary goal for any gala or charity occasion. LED technology is the best option to ensure that your charity’s video or images have the maximum impact on your guests. The placement of your LED screen on the stage and in your venue will ensure your guests can perceive the importance of your work for charity.

LED Screens at Office Conference Halls

LED screens are highly recommended to convey your message to a large group during conferences or meetings as they provide the most effective image. The benefit of LED technology is that you do not need to worry about the other lighting in the room affecting image quality. The LED screens enable your content to be presented clearly to your viewers.

Hello AV Set and Stage Design

In addition to LED Video Wall hire, other strategies are needed to make an event fabulous!

This includes another major AV factor that is the set and stage design. Hello AV has years of experience in providing Set and stage design services to numerous clients!

The stage design process is the procedure of planning and developing themes based on the event’s needs or requirements. The spectacle and performances will take on a new height with the stage design. The main components of stage design are lighting, audio, visuals and designing the Set.

What do you expect from a perfect Set and Stage Design?

The perfect Set and stage design consist of the factors mentioned below:

Clarity: Stage lighting to highlight things the audience can see and shield them from things they shouldn’t.

Motive: The stage design must reflect the event’s theme. Only then can the Set be presented completely to the public.

Theme: A Stage design must try to expand the possibilities the director and designer have given us.

The mood: All three elements mentioned above will make the perfect atmosphere for an event.

The Stage Design Elements at Hello AV

Hello AV provides the required elements to create the perfect Set and Stage design for any event. The services provided at Hello AV includes:

Set Design

This aspect is likely to be the overall style of the show. The selection of other aspects such as light and sound depends on the set type. The role of the set designer is to design an original and unique design for an event. They are responsible for selecting the best furniture, interiors, and décor to create an amazing look. A production manager and his design experts will ensure that the design is perfect.


Another important aspect of any event is lighting. Different lighting methods greatly impact the performance of an event. A lighting engineer or designer’s task is to create the right mood for different scenes or events performed during the event. Designers are accountable for improvising the colours and angles of each light by the event. The most commonly used lighting effects include beam lights and sidelights, spotlights, moonflower lights, etc.

Audio Effects

The last element that brings the celebration alive is the sound system. The Sound designers control the background and music effects. When music is recorded or performed live, the designers collaborate with the musical director to guarantee the audio equipment is working properly. The sound engineers will offer the correct equipment in the appropriate dimensions and quantity.

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