The LED wall technology allows event organizers music festivals and live events on outdoor TV Screens and LED/LCD Lighting Displays for indoor and outdoor music events and festival lighting to communicate with their audience better during the event. This is the best way to deliver your content at any event: a music concert, marathon, fancy gala, or private movie night. No matter what occasion, Stage LED display walls are almost certain to be the best option to choose. When it comes to Video equipment hire LED Video Wall are at the top of the list.

LED screen for stage show were once something every organiser desired. However, there are now numerous outdoor events planners and service providers to provide the necessities. Music festivals and concerts primarily use LED screens to enhance the energy and excitement of their audiences and increase their enjoyment.

What types of LED services does Hello AV provide for music festivals?

You can use Hello AV LED screens for concerts to attract your audience’s attention. However, if you plan to invite well-known artists and singers, you must ensure that they are clearly seen with proper stage screens lighting settings. Hello AV’s current trends include innovative LED displays, stage & set design, stage lighting design, and multiple backstage LED walls. These are all the common things that enhance an event’s overall scenic beauty.

Hello AV’s music concert LED screens offer many benefits, including a larger screen area with a higher resolution. They also allow for custom layouts, making them an excellent choice for event planners.

Why should you use Hello AV Concert LED Screens?

You might consider using concert LED screens for your next event as they have a long life span and can be a great addition to any event. Large stage video wall play an important role in making events memorable and adding to the atmosphere. 

The screens can be placed in large venues so that people can see the performers even though they’re not directly on the stage. This increases audience engagement. This allows them to capture better photos of the event. You can install a large concert LED screen in a strategic area of your venue. 

What are the uses and benefits of Hello AV LED screens for Music Events?

You might be wondering how an LED screen will be beneficial for your music festival. Well, we have narrowed down a few points that you might find useful  audio visual hire London

A large screen will be big enough to give the audience a better view. Live broadcasting can be used to increase your audience and allow you to use the cameras placed at different locations for your audience.

Another way to increase visibility is to raise the stage. Consider where you will place your advertising materials. An LED screen can be used to pitch a traditional setting, which can save you money and make your event memorable. It can also transform the environment into something lively and wall uk

Sponsors will be more willing to contribute to your event if you have an LED concert screen. Make sure your sponsors know about it. You can also advertise for third parties and make some extra cash! 

How does Modern LED Screen experience of a music festival?

Since many event planners host musical festivals around the globe suited for all ages, they are popular and studies reveal that more than 32 million people attend music festivals each year. And Hello AV provides the best quality Outdoor LED Screens that enhance the festival events!

Here are a few ways LED screens can impact a music festival.

Lighting effect

Projecting live footage for large events such as music festivals and sports events effectively engages the audience. A giant LED screen placed halfway back in a crowd will allow everyone to view and participate in the action. 


Every opportunity to interact with speakers is valuable at events. It’s essential to keep attendees engaged and excited at gatherings.

An LED screen can display a live stream from social media or be linked to an app so that delegates can vote on specific topics or discuss points.

Set and Stage Background

LED screens can create visual effects on the floor or as stage backdrops.

Because LED screens are modular, they can be divided into strips, squares, or wrapped around to make a 360-degree cylinder. This creates special effects according to the environment of each event.


The LED screens provide extraordinary resolution and display your brand graphics and videos at the best quality. They’re the ideal promotional tool for large, impressive logos and motion graphics. Especially when it comes to festival offers and concerts, they are the right pick!

Final Thoughts!

These are some fantastic progress that an LED Screen can provide at music or festive events. If you wish to know more about selecting the perfect LED screen for your next event, visit our Hello AV website. Our professionals will gladly assist you as per your requirements. So, What are you waiting for! Get in touch with our team now!