A Mobile LED screens hire is an excellent option for people who wish to show off or promote their brand to a large audience. Mobile screens are among the newest and most effective additions you can make at your event.

Hello AV is one of the Uk’s top Mobile LED screen hire providers for all events. If you are looking for LED screens that can be used at your next event, Here are some good reasons why opting to rent one could be the best decision you’ve had.

Why is Mobile LED the best option for Outdoor Events?

UKFestivals, music concerts, community fairs, and sports tournaments – people attending any of these events will expect to witness and hear the excitement. If you’re organising an outdoor event, guests will want to have fun and enjoy the event. A variety of visual options, like televisions, projectors, and LCD walls, are not ideal for outdoor events because they’re not weatherproof, making it difficult to view the screen when it is in full sunshine. Furthermore, they may take a lot of time and work (and expense) to set up. And the one solution for all this is – The Mobile LED Screen.

Some advantages of using Mobile LED Screen at Outdoor Events

Transportable and easy to set up

Instead of building an LED screen in the event location, the Mobile LED screen lets you hook it onto the back of a van and then drive to the event location. These portable LED screens come in different sizes and can be mounted on trailers or vehicles of any size. They are easy to transport and make it simple to transport and set up, saving your time and money on the cost of delivery.

Long-lasting and Versatile 

A Mobile LED screen can withstand all the bends and bumps on the road during transport! They’re made to withstand some amount of impact, both in transportation and while in operation, making them extremely durable and robust. Therefore, the Mobile LED screen is ideal for outdoor events at various places, such as car parks, school functions, open spaces, public parks, etc.

Operational in all Weather conditions

Mobile LEDs can withstand all weather conditions. A high-quality portable LED screen must be glare-proof so that you can still see the images on the screen in clear and vivid light, even in full sunshine. Because of their versatility screen, they’re ideal for outdoor events of all kinds and can be used all year, all the time, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy.

Better Engagement

Outdoor digital displays generate enormous amounts of interest to a wide audience. Mobile LED screens can have a huge effect on visitors as they provide them with the kind of experience they wouldn’t get in other venues. This is why they are ideal as walls for social media. Live Twitter feeds and Twitter can display news from various social networks – this is a great way to promote the event.

Adds more Value 

The Mobile LED screen will leave a positive lasting impression on guests. This is why it’s such an attractive choice for event organisers. The advantages of using the screen for your event are just as valuable as the quality of the screen. The picture quality, colour resolution, and viewing experience differ dramatically from LCD screens or projectors. 

Final Thoughts!

An excellent quality screen will provide a significant benefit to your event as well as your company.

With Hello AV Mobile LED screen hire, you’ll be picking the most appropriate screen for your forthcoming event. Hello AV has your back in selecting the best-LED screen rental or any other lighting and audiovisual rentals you may need to host your event. Be sure to pick the proper rental equipment that makes your event fun and successful.