Birthdays are the most significant celebration for everyone, and you would like to make it as unique as you can. A party is an ideal way to celebrate a birthday. What about other special events like get-togethers or new year’s eve? People often throw a formal event by cooking delicious and unique food. Is there a better way to make it more special for a memorable event? 

Well, you can hire an inflatable cinema Screen for the special events!

Inflatable screens are not only recommended for birthday parties, you can also use them to host the best movie night in your backyard.

Inflatable Cinema Screen – from Hello AV

Hello AV provides an Inflatable cinema Screen intending to help clients put on successful events using the latest technology and top-quality customer service. Hello AV offers a range of expertise in technology and audiovisual equipment to host trade shows, conferences, weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations, no matter your next important event’s location.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • LED Screen Rental
  • Event production
  • Inflatable Movie Screen 
  • AV Solutions
  • Outdoor cinema screen
  • Outdoor advertising

This blog discusses the main benefits of hiring an inflatable Movie Screen. 

Advantages of Inflatable Cinema Screen

If you’re looking to cut costs effective film-watching method, and simple transport screen, then you’ll need an inflatable screen for your event. Read on to learn some of the advantages of the inflatable outdoor screen.

Night Time Parties

Whether you are hosting a birthday party or looking to put together a massive gathering with friends, an inflatable outdoor film screen can make planning events a lot more simple.

Everyone can’t afford an expensive LED screen. However, nearly everyone has an outdoor space that they can share. Invite your guests to bring blankets and chairs and pick a favourite film to have a great time at your party with no hassle!

If you rent an inflatable cinema screen, you can host a backyard movie night for all your friends and neighbours.

Enjoy Movie time

Films are made and directed with the large screen in mind since theatrical releases are the way they earn the majority of their profits. When you stream a movie on your TV, it is scaled down to fit on the screen. You don’t get the huge scale that filmmakers wanted to achieve.

With the help of an inflatable screen hire, you can see the theatre release. It’s a fantastic experience for film enthusiasts and allows you to discover what’s vital for you in your movie-watching experience.

Easy to Transport

Some movie screens are difficult to put together, store up, and transport. The inflatable movie screen does not have this issue. All you need is the electric power required to run the air, and the rest is taken care of for you! Putting it up and returning it to us with ease can make all the difference to your enjoyment and enjoyment.


The majority of screen screens are made from expensive materials, and it is difficult for you to pay the amount, even in the case of renting. However, even an inflatable movie screen can be a highly cost-effective option. For event planners, lots of money could be saved by utilising them instead of other options for screening. 

Overall the low-cost benefits enable organisers to earn greater profits without losing quality.

Weather Resistant

Screens with higher prices are also more prone to damage from the weather! Inflatable movie screens can resist harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind and still function well when it’s time to display a film to the gatherings.

You can stream incredible movies or event functions on a large screen at a very low cost and with minimal effort. Use an inflatable screen for your film to make the most of your investment and have the best cinematic experience.

Final Thoughts!

The inflatable screen is the ideal option for those searching for a lightweight and easy to set up, climate-friendly and cost-effective solution. However, there are different kinds of inflatable cinema screens, and every inflatable is different in its characteristics!

Investing in the correct one will ensure that you don’t encounter unpleasant surprises when the time comes to set up the inflatable. Hello AV has been a leader in outdoor entertainment and advertising for many years. Our expert team of Event Specialists will offer advice, suggestions and a reasonable quote to ensure your event is an absolute success.