Enjoying outdoor spaces and gardens has been more critical than ever in the past few months. Do you want to transform your garden into the best place to entertain?

If you’d like to be in with your loved family and friends in the comfort of your home, why not consider enhancing your outdoor enjoyment experience with the most modern AV technology?

This blog discusses how Big Screen TV and Audiovisual Solutions can take your small event to the next level!

Why Should you get a Big Screen TV?

A quality outdoor projector will offer the highest contrast and resolution. You can take advantage of your movie night from early evening until late at night. 

Numerous LED TV models are weatherproof. With an impressive projection screen paired with an audio system, you can provide the best movie experience.

AV equipment used in Outdoor Events.

Numerous AV equipment is offered by Hello AV! The most significant equipment used for garden events is listed below!

Outdoor Big LED Lighting

If you plan to use your garden in the evening and want to get the most value from your event, LED lighting can help you achieve your goal. LED Lights also make your event look more attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you have a few bollard lighting hidden in plants or pathways or linear lighting beneath decking or steps that will guide you through and to and from your property.

Another option is using wall lights. The variety of styles on the market is an excellent method to create the necessary amount of light. However, they are also a great way to highlight the architectural style of your home and landscaping areas.

Can you mount an LED TV screen on a hard surface- Is this possible?

Of course! You can mount a big-screen TV on any hard surface. They are wear and tear-resistant, meaning they don’t get damaged easily and can withstand rough weather conditions!

Typically, outdoor speakers and LED TVs are placed in the rear of a house, at the highest point, facing the neighbours. This means that you can get the most effective sound and picture quality!

Big Screen LED TVs

A big-screen TV is a great addition to a garden party and can offer your guests the best entertainment experience. Imagine watching your favourite sporting events while relaxing in the sun or watching a movie on an evening in summer while listening to the full-bodied surround sound.

You can handle the extreme intensity of summer days by using a variety of high-definition 1080 and UHD 4K screens. Outdoor TV screens range from 27″ to 110″! The typical indoor TV has an average brightness of 450 to 500 NITS, while the outdoor LED TV can have a brightness of 25000 Nits. This allows you to enjoy your favourite shows, films and sports!

Do you offer outdoor cinema hire near me? 

Various event production companies in the UK offer Outdoor Cinema LED TV screens. Hello AV has many years of experience providing Technical AV solutions for various indoor and outdoor events. 

For more details on event production services, visit the HelloAV website!