An event comprises many elements to produce the experience and atmosphere you’re trying to create. A significant portion of these elements falls under “audiovisual”, also known as AV solutions. The AV related services and equipment can make or break your guests’ experience.

This blog discusses the importance of technical AV solutions and how AV hire can improve your event.

Importance of Hire AV Solutions

A stylish and elegant conference is not worth it if you can’t hear your favourite guest speaker’s suggestions. Likewise, a concert cannot be complete without spectacular displays and show lighting regardless of how good the sound quality is.

Therefore, whether you’re planning your wedding, an award ceremony, or even a new product launch, You need an AV hire and support expert who can manage the technical aspect of the event while you focus on bringing your idea to reality.

Events where AV Hire in Needed

Each event benefit from AV hire services. From corporate product launches to sporting events, a wide range of occasions calls for the use of AV equipment. The following events are a few examples where AV solutions are required: 

  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Gala Events
  • Music Concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Sporting Events

Hello AV provides advanced Technical AV solutions for various events. A few popular AV services provided by us include:

LED Video Wall for Meetings and Product Launches

If you plan to show slideshows, videos backgrounds, infographics or background images, it is important to determine what kind of screen you will utilise. Large LED screens and projectors could appear to be similar. However, each has distinct advantages that can better suit different events than others.

Nothing can beat the amazing quality that modular screens can provide. To top off this amazing quality of images, the cost of renting an LED video wall is quite affordable. So your guests can benefit from Ultra HD visuals, and your product launch will be a huge hit!

Stage and Set Design Services for Events

Though technically, it’s not an A/V service, your staging and set can house the bulk of the equipment you use for AV. Hello AV offers vast stage design hire services to ensure that the program succeeds.

Custom designed sets are one of the best aspects of the production process as it turns your idea into reality. From subtle branding to a corporate event setting, We have the equipment and experience to turn a space into what you envision.

Live Streaming Services Across the UK

Planning one event can be stressful enough. In the case of a hybrid event, two events running simultaneously, It’s best to hire an expert live streaming company to handle the technical aspects of the event for you.

The live streaming phenomenon has taken the event industry by storm in recent times and makes events available to a broad audience. Our large inventory means that we can supply all the event production equipment needed to stream live and compatible sound equipment, LED screens, professional lighting for films, staging, and set design.