Whether you’re planning a charity gala, sporting event or the wedding of the century, the subject of ‘atmosphere’ will come up a lot in the planning! But how exactly can you dictate the atmosphere and tone of an event in advance?

In our experience, having the right mix of expert audio and visual aspects is the answer, with a well-thought-out technical AV plan being the driving force behind an atmospheric event.


Expert lighting can add drama, depth, warmth or many other tones to a room when planned properly. But, having the RIGHT lighting plan to suit the event is of the utmost importance. When using HelloAV for your event lighting, we can use a whole range of lighting techniques to add a sense of atmosphere to your event. Here are just a few examples:


A gobo is a circular stencilled disc utilised in lighting fixtures to display an image or pattern. We at HelloAV can build gobo designs that can be projected onto the walls and ceilings of a venue; this can be a specific shape, logo, or image. Whether you want us to project a branded gobo or create something original, you can rest assured that we can deliver that much-desired atmosphere.

Wash lights

Our wash light fixtures are another area of expertise, with the ability to equally illuminate and colourise your venue of choice. This will have a significant effect on the ambience and experience of the night.

Festoon ‘Love Island’ lighting

Festoon lighting is frequently utilised to create a festive, party-like atmosphere and is often referred to as “Love Island lighting” due to its frequent use in the renowned home.


Uplighting equipment can be utilised in a variety of settings. Up-lighting plays a crucial role in every big event, from framing doorways and windows to bring attention to them to making ceilings appear higher.

To enquire about our atmospheric lighting solutions, contact us today.

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