A successful event is the result of an effective video audio hire system. Without reliable Audio Visual equipment, you can’t deliver a flawless presentation, and you won’t impress your audience. If it’s a corporate gathering or a marketing event, a versatile AV system can help save your event and let your audience hear your message.

Are you planning on hosting a party or creating the perfect event club? It’s certainly a smart idea, as everyone loves to party and loves to give out to guests in the most appealing and exciting places. However, if you’ve decided to create a nightclub, bar or DJ club, what are you planning to make it look like? 

Drinks, food and staff are not enough! It is not only about putting together an event space and preparing it to be run efficiently. Interior design plays an important factor in boosting the mood of everyone and causing them to be dancing like it’s time for it.

You should get the perfect DJ LED Wall rental screen to make your event spectacular! Luckily Hello AV provides everything that you need!

Some of the benefits of using the DJ LED Screen are:

  • You have control of the contents of your message
  • There is no need to create new banners each time you modify the content
  • The ability to edit convey your content easily
  • Possibility to modify the contents or message of the advertisement.
  • Respond with the flexibility to the situation
  • The clarity of the image draws attention.

What is a DJ LED Screen?

A DJ LED screen can boost the mood of an event. What are the reasons you should have an LED DJ Screen?

The first step in knowing why you require a DJ LED display is to comprehend the function of the Screen. A LED screen is made up of modular LED panels arranged in order to produce one clear display. It is now common that the DJ LED screen is designed to show attractive pictures on a wall to be attractive to the party’s guests and people. The Screen can also play an intense sound and have multicoloured patterns and designs, giving a more elegant and fun look at the event.

Therefore, even when the lights are not on, one DJ LED screen lighting up the entire venue can keep the audience captivated by the stage music and bring out the party spirit! Furthermore, the most important thing is that they show ads of the event’s sponsors and random advertisements that could attract the audience’s attention. This can aid in entertaining your audience with high quality and captivating images, and you can also earn extra cash by advertising other businesses.

What are the different types of DJ LED Video Wall?

Advanced DJ LED Video Wall have multiple designs available in various sizes or shapes. In addition, the most appealing thing about DJ LED displays is that they are available to purchase in different sizes according to the place of installation and the kind of event you’re planning to host.

But, the different dimensions and shapes generally depend on the type of display screen you’re choosing for your event or party. There are three kinds of DJ LED Wall used worldwide, also known as party displays. We’ll go over the types below.

Stage Backdrop Decoration LED Video Wall

It is a less expensive alternative to DJ LED displays and party LED displays frequently used for various occasions. They typically come in sizes of a minimum of one square foot. They can be a fantastic option for advertising during smaller wedding events and parties. Furthermore, they are less heavy versions of party LED displays and are usually constructed from mild steel.

Background DJ LED Video Wall

If you’ve been to an event with DJs, you might have experienced these digital DJ LED screens in the background of the DJ or at the counter. They’re a bit more expensive than the other screens and are made from the most durable material. They are equipped with high brightness and simple-to-use technology that makes them much more appealing in the event. Furthermore, most DJ LED Wall are mounted to the wall. This means they can be often employed as a permanent, fixed LED display in any party or venue. 

Outdoor Stage Giant LED Screen

Finally, we have the Giant Outdoor LED screens. They are more advanced LED stage screens designed for DJs and outdoor led video wall production. One of the advantages of the screens is that they’re not available in particular dimensions. Instead, you can select your own dimensions based on the area of installation and the number of guests the hall is expected to accommodate. These types of LED Video Wall are famous for outdoor cinema hire.

Where will you place the Screen?

Another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a DJ LED screen is understanding the best place to install the screens. Of course, the word ‘DJ LED screens’ gives an idea that they’re suitable to be used in DJ booths. But that’s not the limit! Instead, you could use these mobile LED screens for a myriad of other occasions as well as in places with a significant crowd. These include locations like:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Business Events
  • Music concerts
  • Award shows

What would be the Right Size of DJ Led Screens?

Before you rent a LED DJ screen, it’s essential to know the proper dimensions of the screens. By figuring this out, you will be able to choose the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your party or occasion. 

Some questions to ask yourself before getting a DJ LED Screen hire are:

The kind of event you’re hosting, whether it’s an event for weddings, parties, business gatherings or another. This will allow you to know if it’s a formal event (needing a smaller space for all guests to focus) or is a place to party for all (which requires a bigger display to please everyone).

The number of people invited to your event conference hall. This will help you determine whether you require a massive display to satisfy those within the hall. In other cases, a moderate and reasonable size display could suffice.

Additionally, you must take into consideration the location of your Screen. If you plan to put the Screen in a remote location away from the wall, an even bigger screen could be adequate. If you’re hoping to place a couple of them in various locations or even on the roof, then the right size display will perform the task.

If you’re investing in screened screens and you aren’t certain of the size to pick, be sure that you should choose a neutral alternative. It is important to note that going too small or large could be difficult to control or secure and cost more in your wallet.

Final thoughts!

After understanding the specifics of the DJ LED Screen thoroughly, You may have an idea of what they’re about and why your event requires it. Here at Hello AV, we provide our clients with the best mobile LED Screen for every type of event!

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