You would see large screens in many events and stadiums called LED displays. So, what exactly is an LED Display Screen? In simple words, LED or Light Emitting Diodes is a device that emits light when an electric current is sent through it. Many electronic devices like lamps, brake lights, cameras, TV screens, and monitor screens use LED. This blog will discuss LED Video Walls, their benefits, and the factors to consider when LED video wall hire for an event.

What is an LED Video Wall Screen?

A video wall is in-built with several displays that work together to give a picture. TV studios, sports stadiums, and shopping malls are some places where video walls are used. Video Wall screens use LED technology to provide an excellent output of sharp, high-quality images. There are many reasons why LED is preferred, including long life span, low energy consumption, better colour, higher refresh rates, and better resolution. Deciding to Hire Indoor & Outdoor LED Video Wall screens, you can compare the following factors.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor LED Video Wall Screen

LED-Wall displays are categorised into two types: 

  1. Indoor LED Video walls 
  2. Outdoor LED Video-walls. 
  • Out Look

The most noticeable difference between indoor and outdoor wall screens is the outlook. The Outdoor LED is more considerable, and mainly used for large stadiums, billboards, and public festivals. At the same time, indoor LED is used in malls, conference halls, and restaurants. 

  • Brightness

One can easily spot the difference in brightness between the two LED screen types. The Outdoor Display is many times brighter than the indoor one as it is used in public places. The indoor ones have low brightness when compared to the outdoor screens. 

  • Weather conditions

The outdoor LED screen displays are designed to work under extreme weather conditions and are generally water-resistant and dust-proof.

  • Resolution

The outdoor screen’s resolution is smaller compared to the indoor screen because the outdoor LED is usually seen from a far distance and thus has a greater pixel pitch than the indoor LED display.

How to choose the perfect LED Video Wall?

When you decide to hire a LED video wall in London, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Continue reading if you want to know the factors to consider while selecting a LED wall.

  • Will you be playing a pre-recorded event, or will the video be played live? 
  • What is your ultimate goal of hiring a LED Wall?
  • Should you get an Indoor LED Wall or an Outdoor LED Wall?
  • Does the LED Video Wall have a certification?
  • How much content is going to be displayed at a particular time?
  • What should be the resolution and Pixel pitch of the Video Wall?
  • How much will the power consumption be?
  • What type of Hardware and Software is used?
  • How good is the architectural design?
  • What is the cost of the LED wall?

You will clearly understand what to expect from the hiring company by asking yourself these questions. By sharing your ideas on why you want an LED wall for your event, the technicians can help implement the best strategies to find the right equipment per your specific requirements. 

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