Planning an event, especially one that involves various technical aspects like customised set design, staging, lighting, and sound equipment, is not straightforward. The requirements for these events can be so overwhelming that one thing will slip through your mind. 

Hiring a professional company will save you time if you organise an award ceremony or host a gala dinner. This blog discusses the important technical AV equipment needed for every award show.

Required AV Equipment in Award shows

Design equipment is mandatory if the awards ceremony is tied to a media event, corporate event or wedding. For instance, it could be equipped with event lighting, audio equipment, LED display and even a customised stage.

Your hiring needs could include:

  • 3D production renders
  • Solutions for theme
  • Custom stage designs
  • LED video and floor options
  • Stage lighting
  • Audio equipment
  • Power supply inside the place

Most needed AV service for Award Shows

Lighting and audiovisual equipment are the two most important components of putting together an unforgettable spectacle. They bring your product launch alive so that your target audience can connect to your brand and message. It is also a given that both could affect the overall quality of your production.

Lighting Equipment

A well-lit and professional lighting system is the best way to ensure the award show will be the main highlight of your event. Hello AV can help in both the creative and technical aspects of the lighting and AV services. 

The most well-known lights used in live shows are the moving lights, more frequently referred to as “moving heads” that can project bright beams of light effects like strobing, turning, spinning, and fanning. These options will definitely give a “wow” factor. Another basic and practical kind of lighting suitable for events such as award shows would need to be the spotlight, as it helps concentrate attention on the speaker.

LED Screens

LEDs can also have an impact on the overall event. It’s possible to set up LED video walls to improve engagement from your attendees. It is also an effective option since it doesn’t only have digitally generated visual displays but also allows you to show the awards and nominees clearly to those who are seated at a distance. A different top-of-the-line technology you could consider adding to your system is 3D projection mapping, visually appealing for product launches.

Audio Equipment

A high-quality sound system and great audio equipment can dramatically make the event a more immersive experience. In case of Award shows, plan the following AV installation:

  • PA system to support the live band or DJ (including main speakers and stage monitors, subwoofers and amps)
  • Microphones are wireless for announcements.
  • Wireless microphones for singers in the band or for DJ.
  • Lighting fixtures up-lighters for the venue disco lights.
  • Structures for truss and Rigging to attach the lighting fixtures and perhaps audio equipment.
  • The stage drapes as per the theme.
  • The floor set includes carpets and seating arrangements.

Our experts are highly experienced and can help you set up your preferred setup and provide top-quality audio equipment from our range of outdoor and indoor LED video walls and Digital Mixing Consoles. We can also help develop a live streaming or hybrid event.