Whether you are planning the wedding of the year, a sporting event, music festival or even a business exhibition, LED displays will play an important role on the day. Not only do they allow organizers to share information clearly to attendees, but they can have a positive impact on the ambience and the room décor; both of which are hugely important. 

Here at Helloav, we specialize in LED Video Wall Displays, having supplied LED Video Walls to clients for all types of events and occasions for many years. 

Outdoor LED Video Walls

With Covid restrictions still in place in many areas of the UK, outdoor events have become increasingly popular, hence the need for Outdoor LED Walls.

This is an area in which we specialise, with our outdoor LED Video Walls being highly in demand for sporting events and  outdoor weddings in particular.

LED Video Wall installation 

When installing LED Walls, we operate in a prompt yet professional fashion, causing minimal

disruption when at customers’ venues. What’s more, our installation team will be at hand to answer any questions you have regarding the installation and operation of the LED display. 

LED Video Wall: Size options 

As one of the biggest and most reputable LED display providers in the UK, we understand that all events will have different LED Display requirements. This is why we ensure we can offer a large assortment of different sized screens. From small and medium to large and exceptionally large, whatever your needs, we can assist. Have a request for a bespoke size LED screen? not a problem! Simply communicate this with our sales team and we will endeavour to help. 

Content design options 

Looking to feature a showreel of family pictures for a wedding? Or do you want to showcase up-to-the-minute scores and replays at a sporting venue? Whatever content you wish to display, we can help with the visuals. With a highly capable and industry-recognised team of designers, we are well positioned to take on the creative aspect of your event. 

Enquire about LED Video Walls 

If you would like to discuss renting 4K and HD LED Video Walls through HelloAV, we would be more than happy to help. Contact us today for an informal chat and to request a free, no obligation quote.