Stage Lighting Design UK

Using the most advanced stage lighting technology, our team can design and deliver complete productions for events taking place across the globe. With some of the most respected and creative event lighting designers in the industry, we have been lucky enough to work at all types of high-end events.

These include exhibitions, conferences, product launches, award shows, charity events, galas, concerts, festivals and sporting events.

Stage Lighting Design UK

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Lighting services we offer include

A gobo is a stenciled circular disc that is used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. Here at HelloAV, we can create gobo designs that can be projected across venue walls and ceilings – this can be a shape, logo or specific image. So, whether you are looking for us to project a branded gobo or wish for us to build something customized, rest assure that we can deliver.

Stage wash light fixtures are another forte of ours, with our lights able to fill your chosen venue with light and colour evenly. This will have a huge impact on the ambiance and the experience your audience receives.

Looking to add a sense of drama through your event lighting? If so, our theatrical and LED lighting solutions are worth considering. Used commonly at larger venues, we can make theatrical lighting very much part of the show.

Wide projector blends offer a seamless image that can fill your event with the colours and shapes you require, meaning the visual possibilities are endless!

Festoon lighting is very much used to create a lively, party atmosphere, commonly called ‘Love Island lighting’ due to its frequent use in the famous villa.

Our profile lighting systems create a focused beam of light, used commonly on stages at prolific live events.

Pin spot lighting services are ideal for performances and venues, drawing the audiences’ eyes to a specific person or section of the venue.

Up-lighting equipment can be used in all sorts of environments. From framing entrances and windows to draw attention to them to make ceilings appear higher, up-lighting plays a key role in any significant event.

Projection mapping turns objects into a display surface for video projection, used frequently on buildings, small indoor objects and theatrical stages.

As part of our lighting services, we offer a rigging solution. This is metalwork that holds all the lights, speakers and other system components up the air. For more information on our lighting solutions, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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