The LED Screens are a fantastic method to draw the attention of your guests and display all the important information vibrantly. You can utilise LED screens in many settings as they have rapidly become the most popular alternative, replacing projectors and LCD video walls. 

These screens can make lasting impressions and have the most stunning visual “wow effect”. But to hire the right type of LED Screen for your event – you need to know the facts about an LED Screen. 

LED Screens are more expensive

This may not be the case every time. The expense of LED displays based on certain preconceived concepts is not exact. LEDs can be costly. However, it proves to be nothing more than an investment. You can also hire a LED Screen for your event at an affordable price from many event service companies!

Even if they steal an extra amount of money out of your pocket, LED screens last longer than normal televisions. This means that you won’t need to replace them as soon.

Why led screen only blue light

If you’re a casual observer who doesn’t understand the science of optics in-depth, myths can be accepted. But the reality is quite different. The initial LED colour that was produced was blue.

However, LEDs have been made in various colour spectrums in the last few years. White LEDs are now available with the help of a technology known as a phosphor. Get more info about lighting.

The smaller the size, the less bright.

Another myth is out there. Many believe that if the size of the LED is smaller, it will give less light. However, have you been observant of an LED display that you have created, or even your phone’s LED display?

In reality, LED panels can be used for concentrated light distribution over an extensive space. In reality, every LED has an angle of the specified size, determining the light intensity and the angle at which light diverges. Therefore, the display size does not play a role in this regard.

What is a good Pixel Pitch for LED Screens?

The larger the LED screen and the greater the total pixels (resolution), the better visual the display. However, an excellent guideline for those new to the world of LEDs is to ensure that, for each meter that you are away from the display, it should have a pixel pitch of 1mm. In other words, if you don’t wish to be able to see every single pixel from 2m away, it is recommended to have 2mm of pixel pitch, and for 3m, you should have 3mm, and the list goes on.

Final Thoughts!

Custom LED screens are currently used in various sectors, such as TVs, phones, desktops, and even panels lighting. The growing industry of LEDs has made it possible for all segments of society to become aware of this latest technology. It is time to dispel the myths you have heard and use this revolutionary technology to achieve the best result.

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