The LED video wall works as many screens work together to form a single image. These are used in stadiums, malls, and TV studios. LED technology is superior to CRT because it produces a better picture with better color and higher refresh rates. LED video Wall hire in London are booked for various events, from birthday parties to office conferences. 

Outdoor Cinema walls have become so much popular in the UK due to many factors. All the benefits of Outdoor LED and why they are used in most public spaces are discussed in this article.

What is an Outdoor LED Screen?

An outdoor LED wall is a widely used digital media device in the technical AV solutions industry. An outdoor LED screen wall is much larger. It can be created using advanced advancing glass printing technology, a closed arrangement of high-accuracy advanced printers, enduring and active inks, and simple to use digital image management.

These video walls are known for providing essential information, streaming live occasions, and showcasing your company’s image.

Why is Outdoor LED preferred over Indoor LED?

Outdoor LED screens have a lot of pros like extra brightness, higher pixel pitch, water resistance, and more. Especially in larger events, where the number of people count is higher, outdoor LED can help deliver important information to the public. Since the resolution is smaller, the image quality will be crystal clear even when seen from a larger distance! 

This is some of the reason why Outdoor LED is used in large spaces like airports, sports stadiums, billboards, etc.

How is an Outdoor LED Screen different from a Projector?

Everyone might be familiar with how projectors are also commonly used for many events. In addition to this fact, projectors have been used in events for years before LED screens were even invented. 

Some may get confused if an outdoor LED cinema screen or a projector will be the best option? 

But when both of these digital devices are compared, they have their own pros and cons that make them suitable for different conditions. In outdoor theatre, LED screens can serve as a more reliable option available during the day and night times- due to the internal panels of LED screens that emit light within the screen.

On the downside, these LED screens can’t be moved frequently from one place to another. If you have the money and the need for an outdoor LED movie screen, you might as well get it. Meanwhile, if you are on a budget and need to be flexible with the locations for your upcoming events, getting a projector will be the better option. 

However, with all these factors considered, Outdoor LED is becoming more famous due to its advanced technology, high-quality performance, and super-efficient performance in both the day and night. 

What are the advantages of hiring an Outdoor LED Screen?

LEDs have a number of advantages that make them the best choice for large-scale applications, such as hosting  events or celebrations.

Low Energy consumption

The major advantage of LED is that it uses less power and provides a good picture than other devices, which saves a lot of energy and charges.

User Friendly

LED screens are user-friendly, easy to install, and can be used in various environments. When functioning, they only produce heat and light and do not emit harmful elements like UV radiation.

Long-life Span

Light-emitting diodes (LED) can last a long time if maintained properly. Compared with other devices, LED screens require little maintenance. Aluminum cabinets with coolers and thermal conductors can regulate the temperature, increasing the devices’ service life.

Increased Engagement

When used to advertise a product launch, LED screens can deliver a crystal-clear message and connect with your audience to boost engagement on your indoor and outdoor event.

How can you know that an Outdoor LED will be the right option for your event?

Once your event date, the venue, and everything else is confirmed, you should ask yourself a few questions like:

  • What is your goal of hiring a LED Wall?
  • The required specifications?
  • The surrounding environment?
  • The number of guests expected at the event?
  • The pixel pitch and resolution of the Video Wall.
  • The power consumption charges and maintenance.
  • The type of Hardware and Software is used.
  • The budget for the LED wall.
  • How much video is going to be displayed at a specific time?
  • Will your video be playing pre-recorded or played live?

You will understand clearly what to expect from the hiring company by asking yourself these questions. By communicating your goals with the stage design services about why you want an LED wall at your event, the technicians can guide you to narrow down the choices to select the right equipment for your needs.

How do Outdoor LED screens improve the overall event experience?

Not only can LED screens improve your visibility and access to information, but they can also improve the overall design of your sporting events. LED screens bring a sense of professionalism to your sporting events. But by improving the experience for your audience, you can ensure that they will be much more likely to return.