If you choose a reliable provider for your rental LED displays. It would be best if you start by selecting the right company. enjoy working with our technical team. A perimeter LED screen display is a beautiful way to display your company’s brands and logos. It’s the best for live broadcasting and television commercials. Let us discuss more boundary LED screen hire and rental in helloav.

What is a perimeter LED screen display?

LED displays are used for stadium advertising, and information displays can length of strip advertising. Each LED cabinet has individual support legs behind the cabinet, the soft mask can, and the maximum impact prevents the sports people from hitting the LED screen.

The LED display used for many indoor sports games: basketball, indoor football, ice hockey, skating, and gymnastics. Outdoors include football, etc.

What benefit can a perimeter LED screen bring to you?

The LED screen’s online and offline advertising methods are quite a lot.

The sports LED screens can be through multiple channels such as audience awareness of onsite watching, live broadcasts, social media, etc. Due to the multi-channel communication methods, the LED screen can be unlimited time and location.

Appearing frequently in the great advertising display increases their satisfaction with advertising and the rate.

How to pick a reliable perimeter LED screen display?

#1 Customer feedback: Customer feedback is information customers provide about their experience with a product or service. Its purpose is to reveal the level of satisfaction and help product, customer success, and marketing teams. 

#2 Years. The history LED display HelloAV was launched to save customers time and money when seeking professional production services. Products are reliable in getting long-term customer support.

#3 Serious workers. Suppose you feel comfortable with placing an order with them for production. By confirming the solution with our technical team, you can judge whether they are severe partners.

HelloAV  Led always serves our customers with a professional, serious, and long-term working attitude. You can choose HelloAV with reliable and professional customers.


When a sports game is a competition is explosive, players will possibly hit the LED screen on the field. HelloAV provides the boundary LED screen with a soft mask design and a soft pillow on the top, significantly reducing the risk of hurting the players.

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