Product Launches

As the saying goes, you only have one shot at making a first impression. This is why when launching a new product, the product launch is incredibly important, being the first time people see your product in the flesh and learn about the brand.

If you are in the process of planning a product launch event, you will understandably be eager to invest in the right audio and visual elements to ensure the venue is full to the brim with lights and sounds that people can enjoy.

Stage and set design

The stage area of your venue should be a huge focus. Through our impressive inventory of set and stage Design  services, we can focus the audience, creating an environment for engagement and dialogue.


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Effective lighting can add impact, atmosphere, and illumination to an event; qualities every business owner wants their product launch to be associated with. If you want to market your product in the best light (literally), considering up-lighting, gobos, stage washes, and pinpoint lighting is advised. This will add a sense of excitement and drama to the event, ensuring your brand and product are remembered for the right reasons.

Showcase products on LED video walls

Your product launch is the perfect time to showcase your brand in all its glory, using as much of the venue’s space to feature promotional videos and sales collateral as possible. This can be achieved in a slick, high-tech fashion through the use of LED video walls. These are LED-powered screens that are light, nimble and can cover huge surfaces, turning a bland wall into an interactive promotional tool.

What’s more, we can create the visual to present on the screen, with the HelloAV team made up of some of the industry’s most acclaimed visual experts and designers.

Other popular services required for product launches include: