Whether you are an event planner planning the award ceremony of the year or are arranging a music festival, the stage will be a focal part of the venue that you will no doubt be putting some serious thought and investment into.

Here at Hello AV, we offer a range of event solutions, helping our customers plan and execute events that go down in history. While offering an eclectic range of services, stage lighting design is something we are highly in demand for.

What is stage lighting design?

Stage lighting design is a service whereby we develop a lighting infrastructure that marries the ambitions for the event. Below, we look at the primary purposes for event lighting design as well as some things to consider for your upcoming event.

Illuminating action on stage

One of the main purposes of stage lighting is to illuminate the action on stage, ensuring the audience can see what’s going on clearly.

The ambience

Stage lighting also has a significant impact on the ambience of an event. For instance, if you have a performer on stage singing a rock song, powerful, regular flashes of light will be in keeping. On the other hand, an emotional ballad may call for softer, warmer lighting.

Guide the audience’s eye

Whether you are arranging a play or a charity event, there will be items or people on stage that you will want to draw the audience’s attention to at certain moments. By lighting areas of the stage in different ways, a lighting designer can guide the eye of the audience.

Conveying theme through colour

Coloured lighting can help convey certain themes. For instance, red lighting may convey love/romance whereas orange can make the stage feel warm.

Events we offer Stage Lighting Design for

There is no limit to the type of event we can support you with. That said, the majority of our customers seek our lighting design solutions for exhibitions, conferences, product launches, award shows, charity events, galas, concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

To discuss Hello AV supporting you with your next event, please contact our friendly, professional team today.