Technical AV Solution

HelloAV, specialising in technical Audio Visual Solution at both small and large-scale events and gatherings. With strong roots in the industry, we ensure we work with the latest technology,  and visual equipment  devices to bring events to life, with our team renowned for their innovative approach to lighting, sound, AV, rigging and set and stage lighting design solutions.

To explore the full range of technical AV production services we can support you with, contact our team at your earliest convenience.

Technical AV Solution

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Make An Impact of audio visual systems

Whether you wish to put on the most lavish charity gala of all time or are looking to add a touch of drama to your upcoming awards show, audio and visual enhancements will help you make the desired impact. We can achieve this through the use of the latest technology and audio visual systems, with the HelloAV team only using market-leading brands when it comes to AV equipment hire.

Expert Project Managers

When working with us, you will be appointed an expert Project Manager whose job is to live and breathe your event. With all of our Project Managers being highly-experienced and respected in their fields, they possess the ability to fully interpret the brief, propose the perfect technical solution and grab the attention of your audience.

One supplier, one cost

The stresses of creating the perfect event are never-ending. This is why our customers are eager to source one supplier for all of their event’s technical elements. This is because having one point of contact and one invoice to settle is hugely beneficial.

Our all-encompassing nature is a big selling point for us, being one of the main reasons our client portfolio is so sizable and varied.

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