A LED Video Wall is popularly used in the UK for marketing, events ceremonies, or differentiating your company from others. Videos usually incorporate a mixture of audio and visuals. When renting an LED wall, you can present life-like HD videos and images, including 3D and 4D graphics and much more! A wall-mounted display can clearly show one large image or several smaller images.

This blog discusses the importance of LED screens in various types of events.

Special Occasions

A LED screen for an annual event, conference or other special functions is not new. However, the LED wall rental take it beyond the norm. If you’re watching a discussion on the internet, the images used by the speakers help drive their message. For instance:

Speakers can show the figures or quotes they’re giving out. The CEO may present his financial results through graphs and charts. Community events allow you to share artwork by local artists. Charity organisations can make videos to highlight the accomplishments they’ve accomplished.


Stage Performances

LED video wall hire in the UK can be used for indoor and outdoor events. These include concerts, music festivals, plays, magic shows, musicals and even comedy performances. The history of music has been long of strategically placing screens to ensure that those sitting in faraway seats get a better view. However, the latest generation of screens is now part of the show.

For instance, Professional singers use screens to show the background dancers as dance partners, backdrops, and innovative motion graphics. You can also find inspiration from their performances which typically use LED video screens to draw large audiences.

Large Scale Marketing

There may not be enough space to install an interactive video wall for your company, so you should consider hiring a LED video wall. It is possible to rent LED screens in any dimension, from large posters to billboards or the huge displays displayed. Each rental company is different. However, you can rent per month day, week or hour or quantity of impressions.

The bigger your sign is, the greater the price. Advertising spaces are more expensive than streets with less traffic volume. Thus the prices are based on impressions since many digital signs mix advertisements from different clients.

Renting Vs. Buying an LED Video Wall

Rental agencies may charge higher rates for advertising at different times during the day and charge higher rates for late nights and weekends rush hour or the time of the year when it is a holiday.

Even so, LED Rental is a great option for those who only need the screen for a brief duration. It could be for your annual conference for branding, a charity event, a gaming event, or a music festival. Rentals are great when you are going to an event or trade show and do not want to put costs of shipping the equipment you use for AV with you. Particularly something as big as the video wall.

Renting is also a great lighting solution for your walls to test the new marketing and communications trend to measure its effectiveness or to determine how it will work for you.

How to select the right type of LED video wall?

A LED video wall specialist can Help You Select the Best Display for your Event.

With all the different sizes, resolutions and choices, the most crucial step is to partner with an expert in LED technology. If you choose to partner with a professional multimedia company, you’ll receive exceptional assistance and support throughout the rental process. There are various LED video wall and AV solutions providers that encourage their clients’ creativity through collaboration, making sure that LED screens to perform according to plan and that visions are realised.