As with anything, with a new year comes a new set of trends for the events industry. Here at HelloAV, we are understandably preoccupied with the latest innovations in the world of audio/visual products, ensuring we are offering leading services to our ever-growing portfolio of clients. 

Below, we look at the most anticipated AV trends of 2022. If you are planning a significant event in 2022, reading on is a must!

Unique LED Displays 

From weddings and festivals to award ceremonies and product launches, we are seeing many event planners utilizing unique LED Displays for their occasions. We expect this to be a trend that will run way into 2022, with orders for LED wall hire at an all-time high!

Video Over Text 

Whether it be LED Walls or screens incorporated into stage designs, events are being enhanced with video content over text alternatives. With video being more engaging and impactful, it’s easy to see why. 

Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are slowly but surely becoming the norm. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures, having hundreds of people in close proximity just is not doable. Hybrid events allow for some attendees in person and some joining via video. This setup will have a huge bearing on how the AV of the events is set up! 

Streaming and Holograms 

With new lockdown and social distancing restrictions expected to be announced over the next few weeks, we anticipate digital events to take the forefront for the majority of 2022. 

Rumour has it that large festivals and concerts that feature artists from around the globe will not be possible, with travel restrictions meaning international stars cannot make overseas trips. Event planners are therefore exploring video streaming and hologram options, aiming to give event attendees a ‘real’ experience in a safe, covid-friendly fashion. 

AV Solutions 2022

Are you looking for some advice on the audio and visual aspects of an event you are planning? If so, we would be more than happy to help. Below are just a few of the services we at HelloAV have become renowned for:

  • Event production 
  • Technical AV solution 
  • LED Wall Hire 
  • Stage lighting design
  • Visual equipment hire

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