Modern technology has completely changed the world of hospitality, with high-tech products and services turning the A new generation of high-tech solutions has transformed hospitality into a tech-driven wonderland, with an average venue becoming a tech-driven wonderland, powered by technology This has led to an increase in popularity for LED wall hire; a service that we at HelloAV are hugely in demand for.

Below, we look at the top 5 events for LED wall hire, providing some inspiration to those planning big UK events.

Charity events and galas

The LED walls are flexible and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, coming in a range of sizes and types. This is what makes them ideal for charity events and galas, able to project charity videos and branding across large and small venues alike. Enabling event planners and

organisers to project important messages about charity objectives and fundraising targets, installing LED walls come with a range of benefits.

Award shows

Award shows are glamourous affairs, designed to celebrate talent and provide fun, exciting experiences. Our HelloAV team has supplied AV solutions, including LED Wall Hire, at all types of award shows. LED walls add a sense of extravagance and ambiance to every venue where they are present. Here at HelloAV, we have been lucky enough to supply AV solutions, including LED Wall Hire, at all types of award shows taking place across the UK, seeing first-hand what impact LED walls can have.

Sporting Events

Furthermore, LED walls add a sense of completeness to sporting venues, in addition to providing fans with pertinent event information of the


Concerts are created to make attendees feel a certain emotion, connect with the music or performance and go away feeling fulfilled and happy. To achieve this, great audio and visual elements need to be in place. For great concerts to succeed, great audio and visual elements need to be present.

Product launches

Launching a product into the marketplace is not for the faint-hearted Typically held in large halls or venues, successful product launches are memorable. And, memorable events can only be achieved with visually engaging visuals like LED walls. Enabling event hosts to project images and promotional content on the wall, LED wall hire London is the perfect solution for those looking to effectively promote their new product.

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