The term “AV equipment” refers to electronic media equipment and devices, which includes the audio (sound) as well as a video (sight) part. The AV equipment is essential for events that involve music, presentations, speakers and much more. The majority of events require basic audio and visual equipment.

AV equipment can improve the presentation or event by bringing certain professionalism and modern technology. 

Let’s look at the must-have checklist of audiovisual equipment for any event.


You’ll consider the largest number of speakers available at any given moment and have enough microphones available. Still, you’ll also have to think about the type of microphones you’ll require.

If you’re opting for only one speaker, then a wired microphone is the best choice as it’s more stable. However, wireless is the best option when you’re using multiple speakers simultaneously. You don’t want wires to become stuck or cause a trip for anyone. 

Also, consider headset or lapel microphones. They are smaller and wearable microphones that allow the speakers to talk hands-free, particularly useful in product demonstrations.


Soundboards are consoles designed to manipulate and blend audio signals before connecting them to your speakers.

Certain venues might have a sound system, but it’s unlikely to be adequate for what you require. Based on the audio systems and the number of microphones, you’ll require a large soundboard to accommodate several inputs. It’s crucial to keep track of the amount you’ll require for laptops, microphones, and various gadgets.

LED Screens

Based on the venue and the type of event, you’ll require a variety of screens to show your event’s content. They could be LCDs with digital displays or plasma monitors, LED panels, projection screens, and projectors.

Your display choice is based on the factors such as lighting, type of content and headcount of the audience.

A LED is great for large-scale audiences since it can scale to massive sizes quickly. However, you’ll have to be aware of how bright your LED screen has to be. A brighter LED will provide greater visibility, which is essential for presentations. 

In addition, monitors are ideal for smaller panel rooms since no-glare screens allow for clear presentation of slides, and generally, there’s no need to dim the room’s light.

Video switcher

The video switcher a gadget that functions similarly to an audio board. However, it is designed for video. It chooses among multiple video signals and redirects them to one output such as the streaming device, a screen monitor or video recorder.

It is necessary to have a video switcher when you’re planning to have multiple visual streams displayed in the same format throughout the event. This includes slides, cameras and videos. The AV team will be able to manage the switcher to ensure that the most relevant content is presented on the screen at the correct timings.

Wireless connectivity

What kind of bandwidth will your event require to stay in operation?

Take into consideration what internet-connected devices you’ll require to host the event. If the slides or videos are broadcast directly via the cloud, you’ll need the bandwidth to support this. When live streamed events are broadcasted, you’ll be thinking about the bandwidth required to ensure rapid, consistent upload speeds.

However, the attendees at your event are likely to want to remain connected and share photos and experiences on social media. A large headcount can mean massive amounts of traffic, so you should consider creating separate networks for personnel and attendees If you’re offering free WiFi.

Stage lights

Most venues offer basic lighting for events to ensure your speakers are viewed clearly. However, if you’re interested in bringing some dramatic impact to your event, you should consider a complete lighting system. Gobo lights or coloured lights give your event a more dynamic look and other branding opportunities. 

Final Thoughts!

Finding the appropriate audiovisual equipment is vital to creating an amazing event. Setting up and managing AV equipment during an event can seem overwhelming for event planners. But establishing a connection early with the venue and communicating clearly on the AV requirements will reduce AV anxiety and give you the assistance you require to run your event. contact us