LED Video Wall hire in UK are becoming popular for advertising. With Hello AV, you can learn more about this technology, the different types of LED screen rental UK, the various ways to advertise, and ways to manage your own lucrative company using LED advertising. 

LED video walls hire UK and use an array of light-emitting diodes placed on flat panels. The diodes can be blue, red or green. Each diode is capable of emitting lights of various brightness. These three diodes combine to create a picture!

Hello AV provides LED Screen hire UK for various events commonly uses and across famous countries like London, Slough and many other cities in the UK. 

To learn more about the types of LED Video walls, continue reading this blog!

How is LED Screen Hire London used in Advertising?

LED advertisement is a type of digital media marketing that shows video-based or static advertisements using high-definition illuminant images. It is a great way to create advertising using multimedia on any surface. 

LED screens offer the highest level of control and interaction because the advertising content can be streamed directly to the advertising equipment through wireless internet technology.

Businesses of all types can make use of LED advertisements to promote a range of social, public sector and commercial organisations and sectors like:

  • Malls and shopping centres
  • Businesses in hospitality and restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Educational Institutions
  • Creative Arts
  • Event Management
  • Sports

The only limit for using these LED Video Wall Screens is your imagination.

Is LED Screen beneficial in Advertising and stage lighting design UK?

Advertising on LED screens and running a business is currently becoming an expanding industry. This means that by renting a LED screen and finding an accessible, affordable place to display your advertisement, you have the chance to start a successful advertising company or even incorporate LED screen advertising into an existing advertising business.

By understanding the different types of LED Video Wall, you will determine the best choice for your event.

What are the different types of LED Screen?

Depending on the structure, LED screens are classified into the following types. 

DOT Matrix LED Screen

Dot-matrix LED screens display numbers, letters, characters, and simple graphic images. The displays consist of the rectangular arrangement of LEDs followed by the space. They can be arranged in a series to make a dot matrix display.

Because each LED has its own control of each LED, dot matrix displays provide greater detail and more intricate pictures than a segmented display. These displays are used in industrial controls, meters and medical equipment hoardings, billboards and other purposes.

7-Segment LED Screen

Displays with 7 segments are used to display numbers by dividing the display into seven light segments. The segments are laid out to appear like the number “8”. In this configuration, every number between 0-9 is displayed by lighting the relevant section in the show.

These screens are among the most popular and basic ones and are found everywhere numbers are displayed. One common example is digital thermometers, clocks, calculators, and other electronic devices for communication.

It is vital to know that even though 7-segment displays can reproduce all the numbers, they are not used to create letters.

14-Segment LED Screen

14-segment displays still have the basic shape of the 7 segments, but with additional LED segments placed on the diagonals and in the centre of the 8-shape. The added sections can display numbers and letters. 

Displays like these were made popular by arcade games in the 1980s. They are still utilised in various applications with particular requirements, like the retro style or simple display.

16-Segment LED Screen

The 16-segment LED display enhances the 14-segment layout by splitting the horizontal top and bottom segment of an 8-figure. The inclusion of these segments provides some clarity when showing alphabets.

Complex LED Screens

Dot-matrix and segmented designs are adequate to display basic images and characters. They aren’t suitable for applications such as TV monitors, computer monitors or any other display that requires the reproduction of a full spectrum of colours and complicated graphics.

To achieve this, LED screens are huge in their nature, utilising thousands of LEDs. In contrast to the segmented displays, these complex arrangements do not feature sections or spaces between LEDs.

What are the top benefits of getting a LED Screen hire UK?

The benefits of LED screens are beyond what is apparent to the eye at first sight. Here are a few benefits:

Size: Light-emitting diodes are small. Because of this, LED displays are less than alternative display technology you could think of. They could be as thin as one-third the thickness of LCDs with the same size screen.

Energy Consumption: LEDs use only a small amount of energy. So, even a huge LED display uses a small portion of the power that LCDs with similar sizes consume.

High-Quality Image: LED screens can display an RGB contrast to reproduce authentic blacks and whites. This gives you a higher picture quality than most display screens.

Lifespan: Thanks to the absence of moving parts and a basic layout, LED displays are more durable than LCD displays and other displays.

Viewing Angle: The LED displays are uniformly lit. They, therefore, offer an increased viewing angle.

Eye Protection: LED screens provide more control over brightness and also other features that assist in reducing eye strain.

What is the future of LED Screen Rental UK?

Although LED screens have completely replaced all display technology, They are constantly developing.a

One of the main motivators for these displays is the diverse applications of replacing TV and LED screens in indoor spaces. Large LED displays like LED video walls and digital signage in shopping malls are now common. This makes LED display technology far different from the previously offered solution.

Final Thoughts!

If you’re thinking of getting a LED screen rental to meet your needs at work or for personal use, do not hesitate to make the right choice. Each type of LED screen can be beneficial to convey your message. 

Hello AV LED screen offers the top technology currently available regardless of whether you require a Conference screen for your office or an advertising window in your workplace. 

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