If you want a marketing strategy for your company, LED video walls will do the trick! They are designed to deliver video content smoothly and efficiently. They use extremely thin bezels that reduce gaps between the running display, making the video clearer. This makes the LED screens perfect for Stage and Set design audio-video equipment. Hello AV provides different types of stunning LED screens for various corporate events.

The LED video wall hire London has a long history and is highly effective, mainly when serving a large number of people since they’re set up on screens that are set high and prominent. But, the experience can be modified to smaller screens to cater to those close to a smaller gathering.

The Indoor SMD LED Display Screens

The indoor LED screens are the most suitable for businesses to show informational adverts and promotions on their business premises. They are made to provide sufficient lighting in order to not impair anyone’s vision. Since they will be closer than the outdoor screens, it is essential to ensure your client’s safety in mind.

LED screens can grab the viewer’s attention by displaying relevant details about your company and offers. They can also benefit restaurants that wish to display their menus on screens. They’ll be simpler to use and make it easier for customers to locate items they’d love to have.

The Curved Led Screens

When it comes to a unique design for your advertising needs, Curved Led screens can do the work for you. They are made of soft rubber with a flexible structure that is easy to work with and various sizes. The greatest benefit of these screens is that they can be utilized in multiple areas such as stadiums and malls. Based on your advertisement’s requirements, the led screens are a fantastic way to display your advertising.

What exactly is a Flexible LED Display in Hello AV?

A flexible video wall is made up of multiple foldable LED screens connected. It may take different forms based on how the screens are set up. The flexible LED screen displays are joined by magnets on their borders to create a unidirectional visual wall.

The flexible screen of LEDs is comprised of pixels arranged on the surface of a flexible material, such as PCB or rubber. It is protected by an elastic transparent layer on each side to prevent this circuit from becoming damaged. This design creates flexible screens that are highly durable. They can be bent in installation yet still produce clear images.

The Custom LED Display Screen

When businesses’ requirements vary, you will have different expectations of what they would like to accomplish. This is where custom-designed LED display screens step in! They are specifically designed to meet your company’s specific requirements. They are made in order and can be customised to your particular requirements of what you are looking to accomplish.

The Outdoor SMD LED Display Screen

If you’re looking to put up an advertisement, you wish to be seen by many individuals, outdoors screens perform best. They’re designed to cater to a broad range of people and assist you in reaching out to the people who do not have any idea about your company. They utilise LED technology which allows the light to be set to evening and daytime. These LED screens are also commonly used in big LED cinema in corporate events .

In addition, the screens have large-angle displays so that you can easily display your advertising. These screens for outdoor use are an excellent option to bring more people to your business. They can show various things, from breathtaking pictures to incredible offers that you might be offering. Provide your customers with an incentive to come to your store to get more information using advertisement screens.

The Pole LED Display Screen

When you travel along the crowded highways, you’ve likely observed some of the poles with LED screens that display a few ads or messages. They are known as pole LED display screens and can be highly beneficial for marketing companies. You need to ensure that your advertisement is direct and straightforward to the point to make them work.

Think about putting your product, call to action, and company name printed on the ad, making it comfortable for consumers to understand as they go through. In addition, companies will often place their advertisements on various poles to ensure that they are seen by their intended customers.

Final thoughts!

There are various advertising-LED screens available in Hello AV, from which you can get the maximum benefit. All you got to do is keep your marketing needs in mind while going through the process. It will assist you in finding the right screen and help ensure you purchase something that can aid.

Here at Hello AV, we provide first-class service to all customers. We also help event planners to select the perfect audio-video equipment that suits their event!