Are you looking for an easier way to distribute the content of your event to your customers? In some famous cities of the UK like London, Hello AV LED video wall are extremely popular Which choosing an AV rental London, there are only two options to consider, and that is are mobile and modular LED video wall. Here Hello AV gives the full details of LED screen hire UK.

With an unlimited number of options available on the market today, it can be difficult to make the right option for your requirements. Let’s look at a few of the most well-known kinds of event LED video wall hire and which to pick for your next event.

What is a mobile LED Screen?

Mobile LED displays used for events typically rest on a trailer frame or can be mounted to the rear of a vehicle, allowing users to move the screen from and to viewing areas all over the grounds of the event. Production managers can watch crucial visual content such as sponsorship messages, logistics information, and events happenings.

In which events are mobile LED screens suitable?

This type of LED display is ideal for an array of applications. It makes it simple for the users to provide content to the public regardless of where they are (or where they will be) by connecting a laptop and streaming content straight onto the display. For instance, let’s say you’re organising a bike race, for example. Mobile LED screens can move from one view location to the next as the racers move through the race, and the crowd moves along with the racers.

What are the benefits of choosing a Mobile LED Screen? 

The ability to go anywhere makes them perfect for places like sporting events where information needs to be broadcast to a mobile audience. With numerous options on the market that have features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a sound system, you won’t require an entire team of event tech experts to assist you in getting your content streaming onto the large screen. It’s a simple setup and tear-down process. 

Some significant advantages of Mobile LED Screen are:


Mobile screens are helpful in a lot of events. If you decide to change the screen’s location in the middle of an event or place it at multiple locations within one day, there’s no problem. Let your rental company know, and they’ll help do it.

Additionally, the screen itself can be moved easily once it is installed. The heights of the screen can be adjusted with 360-degree tilt mounts that permit the audience to view at the most optimal angle every time.

Easy maintenance 

The time for setting up a LED screen be among the most chaotic times of the course of an event. Many vendors, equipment trucks, and people struggle to set up as quickly as they can. 

With an LED mobile screen, everything is included and managed by one person. Instead of requiring trucks of laborers and equipment, mobile screens can be set up using just one truck, 1 trailer, and one person. They’re typically put up and taken down in 10-20 minutes.

Lower cost

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fewer labour-related requirements result in a lower price amount. It is generally accepted that a portable LED screen can be about 20% cheaper to lease than a modular screen with a similar size and specifications.

What is a Modular LED Screen?

Unlike mobile LED displays installed in permanent housings, modular LED displays can be set up however the user would like and at any size. Modular LED displays consist of multiple panels that make a larger display. They are usually connected using the rigs or truss system. It can be used in various designs or be developed independently.

In which events are modular LED Are screens suitable?

They are ideal for outdoor events due to their durability, customisable size with weather resistance, and brighter lighting. It can grab the interest of people passing by with distinctive configurations scale and other display methods, which makes it an excellent alternative for corporate events, advertising, and trade events.

What are the benefits of choosing a Modular LED Screen? 

Modular designs are cost savings and more flexible with your design. This because of the low customisation needed and the shorter time it take. Modularity also offers benefits like the ability to amplify and the ability to exclude. Another useful use of modular design is LED lighting.


The modular structure expense of maintenance can be substantially reduced due to the modular components that can be replaced or modified independently, allowing for the maintenance process to be completed at the site. They are usually made of sealed material. The unit does not require a return back for inspection. This helps to reduce downtime and drastically cut costs, particularly for applications located in remote areas. 

Quick Installation

A modular light gives flexibility, making it suitable for the most diverse uses than other non-modular options. These Lights have an integrated PSU that helps simplify installation and make it quick and easy, and, if required, the PSU can also be removed and put to the ground for locations that are difficult to access. Additional accessories can be added to expand the possibilities for mounting and the unit’s functionality. 

Easy Specification

A modular LED can be modified to fit an emergency anytime with an additional battery backup module. Additionally, beam patterns can also be adjusted thanks to the lenses that can be interchanged. This flexibility ensures that the modular LED are suitable for use throughout their lifespan.

With reducing in costs and greater flexibility for specifiers, distributors, and end-users, installing an LED modular light will make maintenance less expensive and simpler and allow lighting on-site to be more practical and flexible.

Which is the best option?

Mobile LED screens make the renting process offering the user more flexibility for a lower cost. Both the mobile LED and modular LED have their pros and cons. Are you renting for the first time? It is worth a look at both the LED types. If you have questions? Contact Hello AV to discuss ways to enhance the experience at your next event by providing affordable, turn-key LED screen rental solutions, or click here to browse our services.