Mobile LED displays have become popular at large and small events due to the numerous advantages for event organizers and attendees. Audio Visual solution is an essential element of any event, and the audience wants it wherever they travel. As technology gets more commonplace and readily accessible, it is revolutionizing the industry of event planning.

Nowadays, every event including, community fairs, concerts, musical performances, and golf tournaments, opt for Mobile LED screen hire UK. Guests can expect to watch and listen to all the excitement at these outdoor events. 

Hello AV provides the best LED Video Wall hire London, Uk. AV rental London, are now available at an affordable price. This blog discusses where mobile LEDs are preferred and their main advantages. 

What is a Mobile LED Video Wall? 

Instead of having to construct an LED screen at the site of an event, the Mobile LED Screen can simply attach it to the back of your vehicle and then drive to the location of the event. The Mobile LED screens differ by size and dimensions from one company to another and can be placed on trailers and automobiles of all sizes. 

Because they are lightweight, screen trailers make it simple to transport and set up the screens to your occasion, saving you time and cash in labour costs.

What are some advantages of Mobile LED Video Wall?

When it is mounted on a trailer, you’d like to see a LED screen that is strong enough to stand up to the bending and bumps of the road during transport and, well, they are! They’re made to withstand moderate impact during transport and while in operation, making them very durable and durable. 

Therefore, the Mobile LED Screen is perfect for outdoor events at various places, such as car parks, school ovals piazzas, foreshores the public spaces, etc. 

Are mobile LED screens suitable for outdoor environments?

Since mobile LEDs are rated for outdoor use, they can withstand a large amount of impact from the elements. A high-quality mobile LED screen needs to be glare-proof so that you can still view the images displayed on the screen clearly and in bright light. 

Since they are so versatile Screens, they’re ideal for outdoor events of every kind and can be used all year round, whether it’s rain or sun.

How does Mobile LED boost Engagement?

Outdoor screens increase the amount of interest. When it comes to broadcasting a live sporting event or showing an actual live feed from a camera during the event, Mobile LED screens to make an enormous impact on the guests as they provide them with an experience they can’t get in other venues. 

Because they are large and bright, they attract a lot of attention. This makes them perfect as walls for social media. With live news feeds, they can display information from various social networks, they can generate enormous Engagement from people who can Tweet about an event with hashtags specific to the event – this is a great way to promote the event.

Where are Mobile LEDs used?

The possibilities are just as endless for potential applications as the number of users. Everyone has their own idea of how they’ll utilize the Screen. LED Screen may be the best option when a custom-shaped screen isn’t required. 

Sports events

Our Mobile LEDs are designed to endure the harsh winter weather. This is why our LED screens are ideal for broadcasting live streams during all kinds of sporting occasions. You can work without worrying about weather conditions with the control room heated.

Product launches 

Impress your audience during product presentations. Make your presentation more memorable by using interactive LED screens that can be moved around. You can ensure that no one misses a single thing during your presentation. Create a compelling story of your launching product using engaging images and videos on an interactive screen trailer.

General meetups

When you are at this type of gathering, it’s crucial to communicate the message loud and clear. The huge Screen with wheels will help improve communication with the crowd and communicate the message in the most effective possible manner. Being able to move easily between different locations throughout the day is equally important.

How much does LED video wall hire cost in the UK?

If you compare it to custom-built LED walls, Mobile LED displays are economical for event technology. In addition to having the cost of renting a display lower, it’s not a sacrifice regarding image quality. 

With the capabilities of the current Mobile LED systems, you can select from a range of resolutions and pixel pitches that provide clear and crisp images and enhance the experience of guests attending the event.

LED video wall hire cost around  £1000 upto £10,000 depending on the video wall’s size, resolution, and pixel pitch.

Hello av rental London

Hello AV solutions are not just for events companies. Our screens can be used to more than that. Due to their mobility, they are easy to install in areas where traditional solutions aren’t suitable. Our LED screens with the smallest size open new opportunities for digital signage and advertising. We also provide Stage and Set Lighting design, Audio equipment hire and many more!

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