If you want to make more sales, promote your product or service, and network with potential clients, you must host the best possible event. There’s a wide range of events that companies can organize, from workshops on specific topics such as marketing strategy development all the way through networking. LED Video Wall has played a major role in many events.

To gain exposure and get new leads who may become customers in the future, attending these opportunities gives oneself credentials when interacting with one another afterward.

What is a LED Video Wall?

LED screens hire UK  have become an essential part of audio and video equipment hire. A LED video wall is an excellent way to give your audience a wider representation of what they are watching. Video walls work well in TV studios, sports stadiums, and shopping malls because these locations offer plenty of space for this type of display technology which uses LED lights as its main component, so it has sharp, high-quality images with rich color features that can be seen up close or at great distances! Are you looking to get a LED video wall hire in some famous cities like Slough or London? Well, you are not the only one!

Why is LED Video Wall preferred in every event?

The use of LED displays is becoming more common in events and stadiums. The screens are called video walls because they have multiple panels, not just one giant screen like you would find at home or other places that display videos on them. Each panel acts as its own smaller monitor, which creates an impressive wall-like effect to viewing angles when displaying high-quality content. 

This blog will discuss the points to keep in mind while selecting an LED screen hire in the UK for your event.

Why do you want a LED Wall?

The primary target you want to achieve while hiring a LED screen will be different for every event. For some companies, their goal may be to effectively reach the right audience by sharing the brand story or announcing new product lines available in store now. But other organizations focus solely on pushing sales through motivating visitors so they can leave feeling inspired about what company has been able to provide products/services related to their business. 

How many audiences are attending your event?

Sound depends on the type of event you’re planning. A live performance with a limited audience will require minimum audio than something watched by thousands in person, so your choice here could affect what kind of audio equipment is used. If the number of audiences is limitless, like in public spaces, then larger video equipment with a higher pixel pitch would be much suitable to view the picture clearly from afar. 

What are the required specifications?

The next step in choosing a LED Screen for your event is figuring out the best resolution and pixel pitch. What’s going to be clear from far away? Which one will display the video without distortion? Outdoor-led screens usually have lower resolutions than indoor ones, but it depends on the number of audiences, your event message, and the location.

What is the atmosphere of your event? 

Outdoor video walls are ideal for outdoor events, like concerts and festivals. They’re designed to withstand rain or other elements such as dust. Indoors? Not so much. Indoor displays require careful attention because they typically cannot tolerate water damage, leading to component failure.

What are the benefits of getting a LED Wall for an event?

Improves Engagement: 

LEDs are a great way to capture people’s attention at events like festivals and fairs. These flashy lights can really draw in those crowds, especially since they’re so easily seen!

Because of the bright, dynamic display that fools your opponents into looking at it longer than they would if you were using other types of lighting techniques, passersby will be much more likely to stop by to take in what message is shown!

Operational from Anywhere:

You can use digital advertising technology to display advertisements in any location with just a few clicks. This means you have more opportunities to brand your company, improve customer service, and boost sales!

Deliver Your Message Clearly:

When you promote an event using digital billboards, your message is broadcast to thousands. For example, if you own a storefront business and want walk-through traffic and impulse buyers with flash deals or short-term discounts, this is the perfect way for it! LED screens are great at attracting those retail customers.

Low Maintenance with High Quality:

LED technology has reached a level of success thanks to its advanced technology. Digital billboards are highly resistant to damage, making them an excellent choice for advertisers who need something that will last. They also require low maintenance! 

Final thoughts!

LED display ads can be an excellent tool for any company when used correctly. They are a great way to market your company and show off the products you have. Especially with the help of HelloAV where we provide creative, engaging content with high value in order to attract potential customers!